Working with Azure IoT Edge might be difficult sometimes seeing some of the errors that are not that easy to understand. That's why I want to provide this dedicated post with Troubleshooting tips in case you get problems.

If you ever find yourself stuck, comment below so I can help you take a look!

Useful Commands

|Command|Description| |-|-| |sudo iotedge system status|Check the status of the IoT Edge Services| |sudo iotedge system logs|View all logs of IoT Edge| |sudo iotedge system restart|Restart the IoT Edge services| |sudo iotedge check|Check the configuration Files| |journalctl -u iotedge -f|Journal CTL logs| |sudo apt-get remove --purge aziot-edge aziot-identity-service -y|Remove the entire IoT Edge service|

|Link|Description| |-|-| |Create Options|Contains example of port bindings| |Derive a new Key DPS|Derive a new key for Group Enrollments in DPS|

Important Locations

|Location|Description| |-|-| |/etc/aziot/config.toml|The configuration file| |/var/lib/aziot|Certificates, Keys, …|