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Azure IoT Edge Troubleshooting

Azure IoT Edge Troubleshooting

Working with Azure IoT Edge might be difficult sometimes seeing some of the errors that are not that easy to understand. That's why I want to provide this dedicated post with Troubleshooting tips in case you get problems.

If you ever find yourself stuck, comment below so I can help you take a look!

Useful Commands

|Command|Description| |-|-| |sudo iotedge system status|Check the status of the IoT Edge Services| |sudo iotedge system logs|View all logs of IoT Edge| |sudo iotedge system restart|Restart the IoT Edge services| |sudo iotedge check|Check the configuration Files| |journalctl -u iotedge -f|Journal CTL logs| |sudo apt-get remove --purge aziot-edge aziot-identity-service -y|Remove the entire IoT Edge service|

|Link|Description| |-|-| |Create Options|Contains example of port bindings| |Derive a new Key DPS|Derive a new key for Group Enrollments in DPS|

Important Locations

|Location|Description| |-|-| |/etc/aziot/config.toml|The configuration file| |/var/lib/aziot|Certificates, Keys, …|