What will you find here?

Welcome to my personal blog where I share my thoughts, experiences and tutorials to get you up to date with the latest trends in Computer Science. Here you will not only find mostly blog posts related with my personal interests such as Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Web Technology, but also blog posts regarding criticisms that I have and things that I experienced.

Who am I?

By working as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, I work on enabling everyone to construct products that make a life changing impact on world scale.

Even though I am still considered a young graduate, I achieved my first success at the age 16, by creating and selling my first startup called FusionCMS. Afterwards I took this knowledge to create and help more startups in different markets such as technology (Brewr.io, Everbit), social media (Feedient), philanthropy (KumulAid) and home care Helpper. While in the meantime gaining more enterprise insights at renowned enterprises such as Nokia, Cisco and now Microsoft.

My Experience


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