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Debugging Common Dapr Issues

Debugging Common Dapr Issues

As a new sort of writing, I wanted to create a "debugging" blog post where I list "my rookie" mistakes that I made while working with Dapr. I hope that by sharing I can help others to more quickly resolve their own issues 😊


Error: app channel not initialized

This error is quite simply to resolve, but a pain to figure out. This means that you are missing the --app-port from the dapr run command.


dapr run --app-port 5000 --app-id my-app dotnet run

It often appears while working with input bindings, which require your app endpoint. If you forget to provide the app-port, Dapr won't know where to send traffic to.

Error: error finding address for actor type AppActor with id

This can be due to 2 errors happening. Most of the time you can look in the startup logs to see what is happening.

  1. Something else is listening on the port, make sure that port 3500 is free. Do not utilize --port 3500
  2. The Actor State store has not been initialized, make sure to have a file in components that initializes it. E.g. state-store-redis.yaml with content:
apiVersion: dapr.io/v1alpha1
kind: Component
  name: statestore
  namespace: default
  type: state.redis
  - name: redisHost
  - name: redisPassword
  - name: actorStateStore
    value: "true"