FusionCMS was a Content Management system that I and a friend of mine (Jesper Lindström) created. It allowed our clients that bought it to host their own Content Management System for their game server. This way users for our clients were able to manage their in-game accounts on those servers with the use of our Content Management System.

My Role

My main responsibilities were developing the back end and helping on the front-end where needed. I also collaborated with Jesper on customer support and back-end development.


  • At the age of 15, create a CMS that has the features regular CMS's (blogging, pages, RBAC, ...) but also had in-game communication such as an Armory/Character Management/Account/Item Sending/...
  • Realize a paying customer base of 250 customers with a license cost of 50$ each
  • Implement a Role Based Access Control System (RBAC) at this age, which is a complicated system where many companies today still have problems with


Within a month we solved several hundred copies at our own created FusionHub landing page. Where we also sold third-party themes and modules that where both free and paid. After 3 months we both grew tired about the scene and decided to quit. This is when we sold FusionHub and FusionCMS for an undisclosed amount. Today the day you will still find it running but under different owners. When we look back, we can proudly say that our platform is used for over 70% off the entire World of Warcraft scene.