Feedient was a social media aggregator which goal was to unify and gather all social feeds into one easy-to-use overview. The platform was developed as a clean and minimalistic modern web application with support for six content providers; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (subscription feed), Tumblr and RSS. The social feeds were presented side-by-side as an overview and utilized modern real-time streaming techniques for content updates.

All the source code can be found here: https://github.com/Feedient

My Role

My main tasks on this project were:

  • Automatic provisioning of the servers and development environment through Vagrant and Docker
  • Creating, managing, and testing the backend in Node.js
  • Ensuring the quality on the backend by writing unit tests.
  • Integrating more social providers such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr
  • Making sure the site stays up and running 24/7 (We had a peek of 3.000 new people within the first hour after being featured on Lifehacker)
  • Creating the initial Android application


  • 3.000 new users within the first hour after being featured on Lifehacker
  • Featured on key websites such as Lifehacker, Buffer, Knack, ...
  • 20.000 new users within the first week of going live


Feedient launched its public beta in April 2014 and was shut down a year later, in April 2015, partly because of increasingly tough third-party restrictions from the social networks (read all about it). During this year we obtained about 80 000 unique visitors, peaking at about four hundred concurrent visitors. Collectively all visitors spent a jaw-dropping 26 years of time using our service, at one hour per visit on average – something which we’re immensely proud of. We were also featured in tech publications such as Lifehacker and Olhar Digital by Brazilian UOL.